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BioVox is a specialized life sciences news and communication platform keeping you up to date on the rapidly evolving life sciences sector in Belgium, and on global scientific and industry trends. BioVox brings exclusive news, in-depth interviews, opinions, and insights on healthcare, agriculture and the bio-based economy. This information is shared with a national and international audience of life sciences professionals, at no cost!

We bring our news to you online, in a monthly newsletter (>20.000 life sciences subscribers), through white papers and via social media (Twitter and LinkedIn). Publications are short and easy to read. Our science editors and native English copywriters safeguard quality and accuracy.

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Editorial office

Ann Van Gysel (AVG) is CEO of Turnstone communications, the company behind BioVox, and represents KVCV section biotechnology. She studied Biology at the universities of Antwerp and Ghent and obtained a PhD in Molecular Genetics. She also holds a degree in Marketing and Communication and is specialized in biotech communications. Passionate about science communication, she established the VIB communications department and initated many of VIB's B2B and B2C communication activities. Ann became the Managing Director of FlandersBio in 2008. In 2011, she founded Turnstone Communications, a communications office specialized in life sciences. (LinkedIn)

Dorien Staljanssens (DS) graduated in 2009 as a MSc in Bioscience engineering at Ghent University with a specialization in food science and nutrition. She obtained a PhD in Bioscience engineering in 2013.  She investigated the cholecystokinin receptor as a target to treat obesity. The research was performed at Ghent University and Rockefeller University (New York, NY).  Next, she started in R&D at Oystershell laboratories. Since 2015, Dorien works as chief editor for BioVox. (LinkedIn)

Jef Van der Borght (JVdB) graduated in 2006 as an MSc in Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University with a specialization in (industrial) biotechnology. He obtained a PhD in Bioscience Engineering from the same University in 2012 for his work on the engineering of disaccharide phosphorylases for the production of new disaccharides. Since, he moved his focus to the creation of online platforms and digital tools to improve consumer’s health. Jeff works for Turnstone Communications since 2015 as editor. (LinkedIn)

Amy LeBlanc (ALB) graduated in 2017 as a MSc in Zoology at the University of Melbourne. Her specialization lies in animal behaviour and science communication. For her MSc, she completed a research project in ornithology, studying the song complexity of Superb fairy-wrens. Having recently moved to Belgium from Australia, Amy is now focussing on a career in science journalism. She is currently an intern with Turnstone communications. (LinkedIn)


Lenny Van Steenhuyse (LVS)

Amy LeBlanc (ALB)

Emile Redant (ER) (LinkedIn)

Irina Lambertz (IL)  (LinkedIn)

Gosia Kluba (GK) (LinkedIn)

Caroline Pallard (CP) (LinkedIn)


Editorial Board

Amélie Moyaerts - Biowin (LinkedIn)

Henk Joos - FlandersBio (LinkedIn)

Frederik Wittock - Janssen Pharmaceutica (LinkedIn)

Jamila Louahed - GSK (LinkedIn)

Emile Pot - NLO (LinkedIn)

Paul Van Dun - KU Leuven (LinkedIn)

Esther Desmet - Ghent University (LinkedIn)

Christina Takke (LinkedIn) & Willem Broekaert (LinkedIn) - V-Bio Ventures 

BioVox is an initiative from Turnstone Communications, KU Leuven, Ghent University, FlandersBio, BioWin, VIB, NLO, V-Bio Ventures, GSK and Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

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Interested to get involved? Get in touch! We are looking for content, writers and partners! Blogs are available for research institutes, companies and freelance experts.

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